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Raspberry Sangria Wine Slushies at America's Fair

Last night was my second visit, ever in my life, to the Erie County Fair (a.k.a. America's Fair). We had an absolutely fantastic night of farm animal petting, people watching and game playing, all interspersed with heavy doses of meats-on-a-stick (oh corndogs, how happy I am that you exist). Fritz even won me the biggest stuffed bear I've ever seen, shooting a masterful game of pool! Raspberry Sangria Wine Slush One of our favorite fair picks, though, was the Raspberry Sangria Wine Slushy (dubbed a Fair Tradition, not that I would know either way). It was so good I had to find a comparable recipe to share with you. Next time you're thinking chilled wine spritzer or sangria, have a hand at this instead. Raspberry Sangria Wine Slush 1 bottle Merlot or Syrah 1 cup pomegranate juice 1 pint raspberries Add wine, juice and berries to a blender. Blend until smooth and freeze. The alcohol will keep your slush from becoming a brick of wine-ice. For faster results, blend the ingredients in an electric ice cream maker until desired slushiness is achieved. Delicious! [techtags:WINE SLUSH, WINE SLUSH RECIPE, SANGRIA SLUSH, SANGRIA SLUSH RECIPE, AMERICA'S FAIR, ERIE COUNTY FAIR, DRINK RECIPES, COCKTAIL RECIPES]

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