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Create a Cocktail Worthy of the Magnificent Bastard Name and Win
The Magnificent Bastard has spoken. The world needs a brand new classic cocktail and we're on board
to make it happen. We want, no wait ... scratch that... we NEED something fresh, something incredible.
A drink so badass it'll really blow our minds.
We wouldn't expect you to just give your best cocktail away, so we're offering a little incentive.
How's a $500 shopping spree, moderate fame, monumental glory, and eternal bragging rights sound?
All you need to do is come up with an original cocktail that's deemed worthy of the "Magnificent Bastard" name.
We hear the MB is into scotch drinks. It's just a hunch but who knows, the right ingredients could land you some
preferential treatment when you need it most.
Any cocktails worth talking about aren't made from supermarket garbage.
Quality ingredients like premium mixers, flavorful bitters and gourmet garnishes really do make all the difference.
Don't be afraid to get mathematical. Smart is the new black. All of the best cocktails are based on fractions and
most classic recipes are composed of the same few ratios (1:1:1, 2:1:1 or 3:2:1) and they tend to work well.
If you have a broad knowledge of spirits and drink styles, use it. If you don't develop one fast. Don't limit yourself;
variations of the same old subpar cocktails won't get you very far.
A Few Recommendations from our Arsenal
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Want to Build Your Own Stash of Secret Weapons? Check Out All of Our Killer Cocktail Ingredients
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