14 Ways To Make Beer Part Of Your Wedding

The love of beer is precisely the kind of love that should be honored. In fact, as the craft beer culture continues to grow it’s becoming more and more popular for couples to integrate their shared love for beer into their big day – and I’m not just talking about what’s offered behind the bar.

14 Ways To Make Beer A Big Part Of Your Wedding

1. Send Beer Themed Save-the-Dates (so many opportunities for puns)
Beer Save the Date

2. Follow Those Up With Beer Themed Invitations
Craft Beer Wedding Invitation
Coaster Wedding Invitation
Love Is Brewing Wedding Invite

3. Include Hops in the Ladies’ Bouquets
Hops Bouquet Beer Wedding

4. Use Hops for Rustic Boutonnieres
Hops Boutineers

5. Have Your Reception at a Brewery

Brewery Wedding

6. (If Your Wedding isn’t at a Brewery) Set Up an Outdoor Beer Garden
Wedding Beer Garden

7. Offer Craft Beer Options at the Bar
Wedding Craft Beer

8. Take Beer Themed Photos

Beer Wedding Photography by Steve Koo

9. Name Each Table After Your Favorite Beers
Craft Beer Wedding Table Names
Craft Beer Wedding Table Names

10. Incorporate Beer Into The Grooms Cake (Or Your Actual Wedding Cake)
Groom Cake Beer
Groom Cake Beer

11. Use Beer-Centered Centerpieces
Beer Centerpieces Wedding
Beer Centerpieces Wedding
Growler Centerpiece

12. Instead of Champagne, Have a Craft Beer Toast (look how happy they look!)
Craft Beer Wedding Toast

13. Give Your Guests Beer or Beer-Related Favors
HomeBrew Wedding Favor
Beer Wedding Favors

14. Give Beer Or Beer-Related Groomsman Gifts
Beer Groomsman Gift
Beer Groomsman Gift

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  • R B May 12, 2017 @ 7:32pm

    Or do what I did 20+ years ago, honeymoon in Vienna (dinner at the Goesser Bierklink), then Munich – stay in Aying at the brewery/hotel and go to Oktoberfest – it helps if you get married in September.

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