3 Kinds of People You Should & Should Not Share Great Beer With

This weekend I opened a couple of really good bottles of beer at a party.

I offered to share with some of the other guests, despite not knowing them very well. One of the guys ended up talking to me about beer for over an hour and I was very happy to have shared a special saison with him.

At the same party, another guest poured a healthy serving of the AleSmith Anvil, tasted it, made a face, and grabbed a Limearita instead.

When it came to that particular individual, I really wished I could take my offer (and my beer) back.

With that, here are some guidelines for sharing the good stuff.

3 Kinds of People You Should Share Great Beer With

1. Other beer enthusiasts who will appreciate it – it doesn’t even matter if they’ve enjoyed that particular style, brand, or brew before – they know the value of good beer and they recognize that what you’re sharing is a form of liquid art

2. Your family and very close friends – they may not be terribly into beers themselves, but if they love you they probably want to be a part of the things you’re passionate about

3. Those who are interested – even if they’re not an expert beer taster like you are, they show potential and they want to learn to enjoy various styles and tastes – help them out

Great friends learning to appreciate good beer

3 Kinds Of People You Should Not Share Great Beer With

1. People who hate beer enough that they’re willing to tell you that they hate beer

2. Massive groups of party people (ie: complete strangers) – unless of course, money is no object for you… it’s not that I don’t condone sharing with people you don’t know, it’s just that great beer is usually a little pricey and I prefer to spend my money on people I know

3. Anyone you wouldn’t hug – if you don’t like someone enough to hug them, you probably shouldn’t share your great beer with them (note: you can pretty much tell immediately after meeting someone if you’d want them hugging you or not)

This is Jared Lee - He doesn't actually hate beer, he just hates this one

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