5 Fun Ways to Open A Beer without a Bottle Opener

Opening beer bottle with opener

1.)  With Your Forearm

This one only works for twist-offs, but it’s quite simple. Place the beer firmly under the skin on your arm, and push your elbow out, pulling your hand toward your body. We encourage you to practice this first, because failing could lead to serious embarrassment.

how to open beer with forarm

2.) With a Lighter

Grab your beer around the neck, then grab your lighter with your dominant hand, placing the bottom of the lighter toward the cap. Stick the lighter under the cap, establish a firm grip, and using your thumb or forefinger for leverage, pop it right off. This technique also works with a key or pen.

how to open beer bottle with lighter

3.) With A Ring

See – you knew you married him or her for some reason. Maybe it took you awhile to figure it out, but now you know. Anyway, you basically grasp the beer over the top, making sure the symbol of your love is under the edge of the cap. Use your finger as the fulcrum, and your arm as the lever, grip tight, and pull it off.

now to open a beer bottle with a ring

4.) With Another Beer

Grasp the neck of one of the beers, then grab the second bottle just above the body of the beer, leaving your forefinger on the neck, the other three fingers on the body (note:use your dominant hand for the second beer). Place the lip (the edge of the bottle cap) of the second beer under the first beer. Use the first beer and your hand for leverage, and pop the cap.

how to open a beer bottle with another bottle


5. With a Table or Counter

Let me just preface this one by saying, if this is a nice piece of furniture – something you don’t want dinged or scratched – do not attempt this technique. If not, simply place the beer next to the counter or table, with just the cap over the edge of the counter. Make sure it is firmly against the counter, and bring your other hand (in a closed fist) down on top of the cap to force it off of the bottle. 

how to open a beer bottle on a counter



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