99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall? Try 5 Kegs Instead

Are the walls of your bachelor pad lacking? Our brand new Kegs Wall Decal is exactly what you need to class the place up. Nothing says “art” like a life-size image of five stacked beer kegs.

Keg Stack Wall Decal

In case it’s not already obvious, there are many reasons to own this decal:

  • There’s simply no better way to achieve that Animal House motif you’ve been yearning for
  • Acquiring five empty kegs could be quite a feat (no one wants to lose those deposits)
  • It’s designed for easy installation and removal, so when life throws a curveball and your man cave needs to be converted into a baby’s room – you won’t be scraping residue from the walls
  • It makes for really fun photo ops – and cute girls love fun photo ops

Where would you put a 5 keg decal? Pretty much anywhere that could handle the awesome. Bars and bedroom walls seem to be best equipped.

In case you were wondering, the very sizable decal comes with a squeegee and foolproof instructions, so you can have your wall covered in beer in no time. It’s time to say goodbye to counting bottles and say hello to counting kegs, instead. All the cool kids are doing it.

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