A Cure for What Ales You

Next to a dog, beer has been one of man’s best friends for ages. But much like pet ownership, beer drinking doesn’t come without consequence. Whether it’s a beer gut, a passion for streaking, or staying up/out far too late, there will always be not-so-desirable effects. That’s not to say it’s all bad, though. Moderate consumption has some seriously awesome benefits that have been proven by doctors and scientists time and time again. So the next time someone’s nagging you, take a stand and fight back with this solid defense:

A Cure for What Ales You

Porters and Brown Ales: While ales and lagers have their antioxidant value, porters and brown ales contain even more! Joe Vinson, PhD and researcher at the University of Scranton, showed in a 2003 study that these beers contain more than two times the amount of antioxidants that a standard ale or lager contains.

Irish Stouts: Although surprising to some, Guinness (the “classic” Irish stout) is a lower-calorie beer with only 126 calories in 12 ounces – great for those watching their “beer belly.” The high iron volume in most Irish stouts helps prevent anaemia as well.

IPAs and Pale Ales: Rich in hops, IPAs deliver a number of different health benefits, all stemming from their wealth in the compounds called polyphenols, which have been shown to lower cholesterol, kill common viruses, and even fight cancer. IPAs are also rich in silicon, which has been shown to increase bone density.

And what if you like just about EVERY kind of beer? Well, in that case, not only do we think you’re probably a pretty awesome person, but ales and lagers in general have some wide ranging benefits for you. Drinking either in moderation can give you:

1.) A stronger heart
2.) Healthy kidneys
3.) A bigger, smarter, better brain
4.) Boosted vitamin levels
5.) Decreased stroke rate
6.) Reduced risk of diabetes
7.) Lower blood pressure
8.) Longer life
9.) Healthier skin

Don’t believe me? Check out this great article from Yahoo news.

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