Meet the Green Fairy

Absinthe, the liquor of legends, is back in the US after 95 years of banishment. Infamous for inducing creative genius and wild hallucinations, and accused for all sorts of agonies, including serial murders, insanity and the loss of Van Gogh’s ear (all preposterous notions, of course) absinthe has finally returned to the States.

Known as “the Green Fairy,” absinthe is a yellow-green colored spirit flavored with anise and wormwood. It is very high in alcohol content – some absinthe is as high as 144 proof – and causes an effect that can be equated to alcohol intoxication, enhanced by lively mental clarity and an uplifted Deluxe Absinthe Ritual Kitmood, much like that of a good caffeine kick.

These effects are most likely the reason why artists and other creative types would be able to, while completely intoxicated, carry out their visions without falling into a drunken, sleepy stupor. Contrary to popular belief, absinthe is not a psychedelic drug. Hallucinations suffered by those who often imbibed in the 19th century were not caused by absinthe, but by severe alcoholism mixed with a modest dose of dementia.

Learn more about absinthe’s history and myths here.

Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying the proper absinthe “Ritual” here at KegWorks. Not only did I love the taste of absinthe, but the ritual itself was an experience – one I’d like to savor at home as well. I’ll soon be picking up my own absinthe fountain, glasses and spoons to treat friends and family to the magic that is absinthe.

To perform the classic French absinthe ritual, you’ll need:

Step 1: Fill your absinthe fountain with cold water and ice.

Step 2: Pour a “dose” of straight absinthe into your glass, using the measuring reservoir as a guide.

Step 3: Place your absinthe spoon on top of the glass and put a sugar cube over the slots or holes.

Step 4: Put your glass, with the spoon and sugar cube, under the fountain faucet so that water drips onto the sugar cube and dissolves it into the glass.

As water melts the sugar, oils from the anise and fennel cause a cloudy effect, known as the “louche.”

Step 5: Allow 3 – 5 ounces of cold water, about the amount it takes to completely dissolve the sugar cube, to drip into your glass and stir. Enjoy!

Can’t wait to try it at home? Believe me – I’m with you all the way. Get everything you need in one fell swoop with our Deluxe Absinthe Ritual Kit, and experience the liquor of legends today.



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