Beer at Work; A Case for Drinking on the Job

Everyone finds it absolutely mindboggling that I work for a professional company that allows drinking at work. Let me start off by saying that we don’t just sit around sipping on gin and juice all day. Nor do we abuse the privilege. There are rules – the kegerator isn’t free rein until 4pm, employees supply and wash their own pint glasses and no one overdoes it.

Drinking at WorkSure, there are some people who are ready and waiting every single day at 3:59 and there are others (like myself) who choose to take advantage of such benefits once every couple of weeks. Right now we have a keg of Great Lakes Oktoberfest and at 6.5% ABV and as a lady of small stature and pathetic tolerance, I can really only have one and feel comfortable driving home.

On the days that I do partake, I tend to think, “A beer sounds really, really good right now. I think I’ll have one” in the same way that I think “I could really go for a hot tea this morning.”

Regardless of my personal drinking habits, there are a few solid reasons I think that drinking in an office environment is perfectly acceptable and should be permitted. I obviously wouldn’t want any surgeons, school bus drivers or fork lift operators taking this into their bosses office but if you’re working a desk job in cube central, an office kegerator could be just what your employer needs to boost morale and productivity.

Here are 7 Reasons Drinking at Work is a Good Thing:
(Feel free to send them to your boss)

1. It’s relatively low cost (as far as benefits go) but it’s a perk your employees will really enjoy and appreciate. They’re sure to go around boasting about how incredible their company is and that’s really valuable PR.

2. It reduces stress – when you know there’s a cold one waiting for you at the end of a taxing meeting, the meeting doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

3. It encourages socializing and team building – some people open up more with a beer in their hand than they ever do around the coffee pot. Creating a corporate culture where people feel relaxed is a beautiful thing.

4. Working late isn’t so bad – with salaried employees there’s no overtime pay as incentive but the fact that you can enjoy a good beer while you finish up and get the job done makes it a little less disconcerting to burn the midnight oil.

5. Job satisfaction is higher – when you have a better office culture, people like their jobs more. It’s that simple.

6. Turnover rates are lower – when people like their jobs more, they’re less likely to go out looking for new ones. True story.

7. Sick time decreases – working with a hangover isn’t such a shameful thing when there’s beer in the break room. That means employees are more likely to show up and work through theirs.

If you have additional (and valid) reasons to add, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments!

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