The Best Kind of Beer Pong

Portopong Inflatable Beer Pong TableAs the official product description writer here at KegWorks, I have the privilege of seeing the products we sell before they make it onto the website for your perusing pleasure. When a portable, floating beer pong table found its way onto the “new products” pile on my desk, I must admit I was quite intrigued.

Having been a full time college student just over two years ago, I’m no stranger to the game of beer pong. I spent many a Saturday night honing my skills, challenging my friends and perfecting my game at basement keg parties. When the weather got warm, we’d often move our contests to the backyard – but the beer pong tables Portopong Inflatable Beer Pong Tablewe had were quite heavy and usually a pain to relocate. I had thrifty friends that transformed old doors into custom beer pong tables while others chose to go with a giant slab of wood from the local lumberyard. Although many of the tables I played on were decorated with pictures, bottle caps, logos and artistic visions that would have made Van Gogh weep, none of them were capable of floating.

That being said, I’m sure you can understand the excitement and enthusiasm I have for this recent KegWorks offering. Not only did I send the link to most of my friends, I purchased one of my own to try out on my vacation. The PortOPong comes packaged flat in a convenient mesh tote that takes up next to no car space, so none of my friends objected to my new toy joining us on the 12-hour drive to our cabin in Northern Maine. I also brought along party cups and beer pong balls, so we’d be all set for a week of sun, fun, friends and delicious New England beer. We couldn’t wait to get the games going and the party started, so we wasted no time inflating the float and diving in.

The table comes with string, so we tied one end of each piece to the built-in grommets and then anchored the table down by tying the other end to rocks that we carefully placed on the bottom of the lake. We played game after game and each one seemed to be more fun than the one before it. It could have been the afternoon sun or all of the beer we were consuming but regardless of the reasons, we really had a blast. There isn’t much that I love more than being in the water, so combine that with beer, competitive fun and friends I’m a pretty happy camper. Literally.

Portopong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

I had to return to NY before the rest of my friends, as I had a very important wedding to stand up in, but I left the inflatable table for them to enjoy and from what I hear, they certainly did make use of it. I was sure to get it back as soon as they returned though, as I had big plans to bring it with me for another weekend in the sun, this time at my aunt and uncle’s place in the Finger Lakes. I wanted to share the awesome experience of floating beer pong with some of my college roommates who came with me and they loved it too. I must note however, that it is important not to put an age limit on the game. My aunt Mary and uncle Bill joined in the fun as well. Even though it was the first time either of them had played beer pong, I think it’s safe to say that they had just as much fun as we did.

Portopong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Just because Labor Day is looming ahead and my whirlwind summer is fading away, don’t think I’m packing away my portable beer pong table anytime soon. Although Buffalo will be too cold for swimming sooner than later, football season kicks off in no time and this genius invention will make the perfect addition to our tailgating crew. (Go Bills!)

Portopong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game of beer pong, I seriously suggest in investing in one of these vinyl wonders. The portability factor certainly opens up a whole new world of possibilities and playing beer pong has never been easier. Wherever, whenever… now that’s my kind of game!


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