Brazilian Bar Launches Anti-Texting Beer Glass

Brazilian bar cellphone beer glass - the offline glass

We all know that dude. The one who is constantly attached to his phone. Like the screen sends oxygen through his hyper little fingers, allowing him to breathe – it’s his life support. I strongly dislike that dude. Granted, I understand that sometimes you need to use your phone, and sometimes you just want to. That’s perfectly fine. But is it necessary when you’re out with friends, at a party, a wedding, or a funeral for God’s sake?

The worst offense of all, is when you see it at a bar or restaurant. The guy sitting with his girlfriend, fingering his Facebook while she sits contemplating how she’s going to break up with him. Or the small group of friends, all of them silent as they smile lifelessly at their phones. It’s pathetic. But a lot of us are guilty of it. Even I catch myself in the act from time to time.

Unless you’re on Untappd, responding to a family emergency, or giving directions to a friend who’s on his/her way, I just don’t want to see you on your phone at the bar. You can check your Facebook or Instagram later. We’re here to hang. To talk about our days and weeks; to interact with our faces, not our fingers. But what can be done about this? We are dependant on our phones, and we’ve become attached. What can detach us?

The only thing I’m more attached to while sitting at a bar, is the beverage I’m sipping. And Salve Jorge bar in Sao Paulo Brazil, with the help of ad agency, Fischer & Friends, found a way to exploit that second attachment. They developed a beer glass they’re calling the “Offline Glass,” specially designed with a section of it’s base cut out so that it must be supported by a phone.

The glasses are cut from traditional Brazilian chopps – draft beer glasses that are a bit smaller than standard pints. They made various different versions of the glass to fit the most popular smartphones, and they crafted the shape and size to prevent condensation from running down the side of the glass and onto the phone.

I think it’s a brilliant idea, but I had one issue with it initially. What if someone chooses to hold their phone in one hand and their beer in another? Wouldn’t this circumvent the objective? Well, I assume the person who tries this will probably become so enveloped in whatever they’re doing on their phone, that they’ll forget about the glass, go to set it down with their eyes still locked on the screen, and end up spilling the beer. That’ll teach ‘em.

I guess one could choose not to have their beer in that glass, but whoever does that is just lame. I think it’s a wonderful social experiment and I commend those behind it. I’m hoping these glasses make their way to the states.

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