Coffee Milk: A Rhode Island Favorite

KegWorks’ fearless owner, Dave, has a knack for finding cult-worthy drinkables to share with everyone who happens upon our site. First came Blenheim Ginger Ale. Born and bottled in South Carolina, this soda has a hot ginger kick like no other and a following to boot. People who’ve had a taste search high and low for ways of enjoying Blenheim’s in their own home town. Dave heard their cries and answered with an easy way to ship the delicious beverage just about anywhere in the globe.

Next came Cheerwine. One of the most delicious sodas to slip through my lips, Cheerwine is a caffeinated cherry pop that’s made with pure cane sugar, which helps push it to out-of-this-world status. It even tastes great in brownies and grilling marinades! We have the fine folks in North Carolina to thank for this sweet softdrink.

Autocrat Coffee Milk

The newest addition from Dave’s explorations is actually the state drink of Rhode Island, coffee milk. Autocrat Coffee Syrup comes straight from the tiny state itself, and has even been voted “Best Product Made in Rhode Island.” Coffee milk is exactly what it sounds like – coffee-flavored milk. If you live in Rhode Island or have happened to visit there, I’ve no doubt in my mind that you’ve crossed this delicious beverage. All you need is cold milk and a few squirts of coffee syrup and you’re enjoying a Rhode Island favorite.

Random bit of knowledge for you all: most states that specify a state drink list milk as their official beverage. Nebraska lists two; milk and Kool-Aid (oddly enough). Indiana’s state drink? Water (ok, but a tad boring). Alabama brings it home with their own distilled whiskey (now we’re talking!).


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