The Dandy Shandy: A Brilliant Beer Cocktail for Winter’s Stout

The first accumulative snow has hit Buffalo, which has my winter cocktail wheels spinning in the slush once again. For today’s treat, I turn to my favorite standby brew, Guinness (really? me?), to create yet another stellar stout concoction, the Dandy Shandy.

This classic beer cocktail can actually be made with any stout or porter of your choice, but I recommend Guinness, whose nitrogen/carbon dioxide mixed air won’t over carbonate your drink, once combined with the ginger ale.

Dandy Shandy
8 oz Guinness, or your choice of stout or porter
8 oz Premium ginger ale or ginger beer

Fill a pint glass halfway with Guinness or the stout of your choice. Carefully pour your cold ginger ale or ginger beer on top, being careful not to let the now-extra-foamy head spill over. Enjoy and repeat!

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  • Helen Kay June 6, 2010 @ 12:46pm

    Yesterday I recalled that I used to drink Guinness shandy with ginger beer, rather than lemonade – having migrated from ginger beer shandy back to Guinness, my favourte beer (well, yes, I know it’s porter but so what).

    That was back in the 70s, and I’m minded to try it again now.

    What I always did is to put the ginger ale/beer in the glass first, and let it stand for a minute or so before very gently adding Guinness to the tilted glass – in fact, the way you’d pour bottled or canned Guinness anyway. It’s vital not to waste good Guinness imo.


  • Hannah June 7, 2010 @ 8:33am

    Helen Kay – sounds delicious! I’ll have to give that a try as well.

  • Gary Gillman October 15, 2018 @ 11:31am

    Hi, I came across your recipe when researching my new blogpost on Guinness’s brewery in the early 1950s in Long Island, NY.

    I thought it would be of interest that Dandy is actually the (solo) name of a shandy with stout, in South Africa. I think you used the term and understandably for the neat rhyme.

    A difference is in South Africa, they used lemon soda not ginger ale or ginger beer, but both types of soda have always been optional with shandy.

    If you click on the various hyperlinks I give you can find the actual reference, to a NYT story that covered a 1952 Guinness promo event for its new local brewery.

    Today of course many craft stouts and porter offer alternatives to the Guinness.

    (The Long Island Guinness brewery closed in 1954 but as you may have heard, Guinness set up a new one, in Maryland, earlier this year. I mention it in the post as well).

    Thanks, and cheers.

    Gary Gillman, Toronto
    Twitter: @beeretseq

    • Chris October 15, 2018 @ 11:43am

      Interesting history, thanks so much for sharing Gary!

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