Draft Beer Problems? Diagnose ‘Em With Our Perlick Test Kit

Whether you’re one of the lucky few to have fresh draft beer on tap at home, or you serve draft beer in a commercial establishment, you know that every so often, something goes awry and and your pour isn’t quite what it should be. There are a few standard draft beer troubleshooting tricks to try each time but sometimes you need a tad more help to diagnose the issues.

Perlick Draft Beer System Test Kit

Enter the Perlick Single Valve Draft Beer Test Kit. It’s got everything you need to swiftly identify whatever might be troubling your system. Immediately have accurate information about the internal temperature and pressure of your keg, the accuracy of your regulator and the clarity of your beer. The faster you pinpoint the issue, the faster you’ll have perfectly pouring draft beer flowing from your tap.

Your Perlick Single Valve Test Kit includes everything you see here:

  • (1) Test coupler assembly
  • (1) Hose and plastic faucet assembly
  • (1) Beer mechanic’s wrench
  • (3) Neoprene washers
  • (1) Instruction sheet
Get a closer look at what’s in the box:

Perlick Draft Beer System Test Kit

Perlick Draft Beer System Test Kit

Perlick Draft Beer System Test Kit

Help make draft beer issues a problem of the past and grab your Perlick Single Valve Test Kit today.

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