Exit 6 Brewpub Gives $6 Check to Starbucks After Using the "F-Word"

Okay, so we’re a little late on this one, but for those of you who haven’t heard this story, we have to share…

Starbucks recently sent a cease and desist to a small Missouri brewpub, called Exit 6. Their issue? Exit 6 was selling a stout concoction that a few customers referred to as the “Frappicino” on Untappd. When owner, Jeff Britton received the letter, he decided to get sarcastic with his response. Among other witty bits, Britton only refers to the beer as the “F Word” and addresses Starbucks solely as “Mr. Bucks.”

Below, you’ll find the original cease and desist letter, followed by the Exit 6 response. Read them all the way through. It’s worth it. Trust me. If you can’t read the text, simply click on the images to enlarge.

Starbucks Cease and Desist Letter:

Starbucks Cease and desist letter part 1

Starbucks cease and desist letter part 2

Exit 6 Response:

Exit 6 brewpub cease and desist response part 2

Exit 6 brewpub cease and desist response part 2

He went as far as to actually include a check…

exit 6 brewpub 6 dollar check to starbucks

Check out the Exit 6 Facebook page for more on this story. Happy Friday, everyone!

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