Four Loko: If We Can’t Drink It, We Might as Well Use It as Gas

We’ve been chatting quite a bit about the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko; about its horrible taste and thoughts on why it shouldn’t be legal, or at least better regulated. After the FDA cracked down on sales of Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks, MXI Enterprises decided to put the beverages to good use.

MXI Enterprises and two other companies in the US recycle ethanol, so all three of these businesses will be accepting truckloads of Four Loko and the like for recycling. According to, “MXI distills the alcohol from the drinks, then sells the fuel to be blended into gasoline, Potter said. It sells the aluminum cans to a recycler. Potter estimated it takes ’30 days until it’s back on the shelf as another beer can.’ It also recycles the drinks’ water, cardboard packaging and shipping pallets.”

What a fantastic way to rid states of the illegal beverages without filling up landfills and incinerators. Those cans of Four Loko may not be going into our bellies, but they may very well find their way into our gas tanks.



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