Kid Rock’s AMERICAN BADASS BEER is Ready to Rock

A lot of patriotic things happen on the 4th of July. This year, those things included brewing and filling kegs for the launch of Kid Rock’s “American Badass Beer” Redneck Lager.

Get ready Detroit! The first 300 kegs will be sold at Kid Rock’s Comerica Park concerts this weekend. The beer will be available at kiosks within the park during the shows. After the concerts, a newly formed sales team will begin selecting distributors and filling orders in the Michigan market. First come the kegs, followed by 12-ounce and 22-ounce bottles.

Almost a year ago we blogged about this beer and even initiated a label contest. Although we had some great entries, Mr. Bawitdaba (whatever that means) decided to go with this one:

Kid Rock American Badass Redneck Lager

Apparently the production of this beer will create nearly 400 jobs, most of which will be at Michigan Brewing. The brewery won the contract from Drink Americas Holdings, Inc. and got an estimated tax break of more than $700k to develop the product.

Drink Americas official website, claims it “formed a joint venture with Universal Music’s Interscope Geffen A&M Records to develop and market iconic beverage products.” Interestingly enough, the company is also working with Dr. Dre on new product lines: cognac and sparkling vodka. How fitting!

I’m not going to lie; I will try Kid Rock’s Beer just as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I sincerely doubt it’ll be an “All Summer Long” (I’m so clever) beer however. I’m thinking that many (like myself) will buy it as a one-off… just to say they tried it. Who knows, maybe between die-hard Kid Rock fans and proud Rednecks there will be enough of a market to keep this brew alive. This is America, after all!


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