Inexpensive Bar Upgrade: The Modular Garnish Pod

Modular garnish trays aren’t typically something that I would think that deeply about, but these are pretty nice. Gently tilted for ease of access, a nice rotating cover and a snap-in modular expansion coupler to connect 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of garnish trays for an infinitely expandable garnish army! (muhhahahahaaa!)

Stylish black plastic and a gently frosted top grace this svelte garnish tray. The modular expansion joint connects the trays for a useful and easy to connect and disconnect bar tool. I also love the no-slip pads at the base to keep this garnish pod from slipping across a wet bar.

Modular Cocktail Garnish Pods

I personally plan on getting enough to go around my entire basement, to fully democratize condiments for all (and so that I won’t have to get them for anyone who visits my house; so get it yourself!)


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