New From Fee Brothers: Cranberry Bitters

Adding a tart sweetness to your favorite drinks, Cranberry Cocktail Bitters is here, brought to us by none other than Fee Brothers. Fee Brothers introduces a new and flavorful cocktail bitters every year; incredible flavors like Aztec Chocolate, Grapefruit and even Rhubarb Bitters are included in Fee’s vast offerings.

Fee Brothers Cranberry Bitters for Cocktails

Bitters is to cocktails as vanilla extract is to baked goods; you can improve dimension and overall flavor with just a touch, but without it, you’ll find the end result lacking. Which cocktails might you try adding the newest Fee bitters to? There are dozens of flavor combinations to toy with but, to get you started, add a bit of tart boldness to your favorite fruit martini or punch up the complexity of your margarita.

Have any other ideas right off the bat for Fee Brothers Cranberry Bitters? Comment below and pass ’em along.




  • Frederic July 6, 2010 @ 3:21pm

    If you ignore this product from Sweetgrass (who also make a Blueberry Cocktail Bitters), then yes, Fee’s is the first:

  • Hannah July 6, 2010 @ 3:29pm

    Frederic – thanks for passing along. You know, that line was meant to be for the Celery Bitters that we carry from Fee Bros (“for the first time since the 19th century”) when I remembered that we had a newer flavor that just hit our shelves. Thanks for reminding me to rephrase the beginning of the post.

    On another note, I’m certainly glad the Fee Bros. Cranberry Bitters is nowhere near as expensive as the Sweetwater, for only 1 oz less. Sheesh! Talk about over-priced! I’ll take my Fee’s any day.

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