September 28 is National Drink Beer Day


 Here’s something that I bet you might not know, but before I tell you I’m going to give you a second to go grab some tissues. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you. Trust me you’ll be thanking me when you’re using them to wipe up your salty-sweet tears of joy.

Alright. You’re back? Good. Here we go. My friends, my fellow hops mad flavor adventurers forever on a quest for the next unforgettable sip, open your ears and hear me tell you this: This Sunday, September 28th, is National Drink Beer Day in the United States.

This is the charming screen at

This is the charming screen at

Wipe those tears away. Blow your nose. Everything is going to be juuuuuust fine. Sometimes, the world is a beautiful place.

I suppose that you don’t really need another excuse to crack a beer on a Sunday in Fall. I mean: tailgating, homegating, raking-the-leaves-and-then-relaxing-gating…the list goes on. But why not add National Drink Beer Day to the list?

There are so many reasons why National Drink Beer Day is a good idea.

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The growing appetite for craft beer is creating a new economic ecosystem that’s flourishing, and the more we drink, the more likely it is that this boom doesn’t bust. Good one.

Like any other holiday, National Drink Beer Day is about taking a moment to appreciate what a fine thing this life is. That’s another good one.

Beer is delicious. Yep. That’s a good one too. In fact, that might be the best one.

Look, no matter what reason you choose to celebrate National Drink Beer Day, just go ahead and celebrate it. Because, honestly, it’s a day worth celebrating! Cheers!

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