Our Cap Wall is Done! Watch Us Put 60,000 Bottle Caps On The Wall in 2 Minutes

KegWorks Cap Wall

Way back when (on August 13th, 2012 to be exact) I wrote this blog post asking you (our customers and friends) to save your bottle caps for us (KegWorks).

We wanted to cover 459 square feet of blank wall face in our office with those bottle caps – and we’d estimated we’d need approximately 60,000 caps. We had no idea how long it would take – but what we did know is that we have some of the most incredible customers and friends there are.

You guys rose to the occasion and the bottle caps started to pour in. We had bottle caps come from the Netherlands, bottle caps from bars, and one guy even brought us a 50-gallon barrel of them! We covered our wall in magnetic sheeting (30 mil thick) and started washing the caps so they didn’t smell. With some help from all 43 of our employees, they made their way onto the wall, one by one.

During the process our photographer and videographer Ryan took over 10,000 photos and made an awesome time-lapse video, so you can see the entire thing come together in two minutes. Check it out.


If you want to know more about the project, or the video, check out kegworks.com/caps

Many, many, many thanks to all of you who sent in your caps – we absolutely love our not-so-typical office decor, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Cheers!


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