Almost Time for Wedding Season

We’re heading into wedding season soon so if you’re looking for something unique to give to the bride and groom this year, keep the Picnic Time Wedding Picnic Basket in mind.

If you’re like me you either give money (for the couple with a tight budget) or something that almost no one would think of (for the couple who’s got it all). This heart-shaped picnic basket is positively perfect for the romantic couple who enjoys eating outdoors, fine drinks and relaxing moments together. To be honest, it would make a great anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift, too.

Wedding Picnic Basket

The basket itself is made from whitewashed rattan and bamboo, then fully lined with white quilted cotton. It comes with everything two people would need for a romantic picnic, including plates, hand-blown wine glasses, wooden cutting board, cutlery, cotton napkins, corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers, a food storage container, cheese knife and tablecloth.

Looking for non-wedding oriented picnic baskets? We’ve got a ton to choose from. Check out our full line of picnic baskets and supplies.


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