Your Home Bar: 6 DIY Projects for Spring

DIY: 6 Projects for Spring
Spring is the perfect time to work on your bar. Why? Because it’s a lot more fun than cleaning. Here are 6 DIY projects that will have an enormous impact on the way you drink.
Shop Bar Foot Rails Perlick Perl Stainless Steel Draft Faucet
project #1:
Add bar foot rails. Tubing starts
at just $10 per foot.
project #2:
Shop Bar Signs Authentic British Style Imperial Pint Glass Set with Etched Seal
project #3:
Shop bar signs and let your
walls do the talking.
project #4:
Grab a set of 4 authentic British
style imperial pints
for $26.75.
Grab a Homebrew Starter Kit Essential Bar Tools Sets
project #5:
Try your hand at a homebrew
starter kit
for $138.99.
project #6:
Shop essential bar tool sets,
from just $29.95.

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