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4th of July Weekend Sale | $15 Off $100+
Use Code: FIREWORKS15 DETAILS is fully open for business.

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Jockey Box Instructions

For use with any KegWorks Faucet Coil Cooler

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Jockey Box Diagram

Get to know your jockey box

  1. Blue cooler with drain
  2. Stainless steel coil
  3. Steel shank
  4. Cooler coupling
  5. Chrome faucet
  6. Black faucet handle
  7. Beer line jumper
  8. US Sankey coupler
  9. Double gauge CO2 regulator
  10. Air line jumper
  11. New aluminum CO2 tank (empty)

In advance

Fill your air tank (K) at a local gas distributor. Chill your keg. Kegs must be cold to dispense beer correctly; Warm kegs serve foamy beer.

Connect the beer jumper (G); One end attaches to the cooler coupling (D) and the opposite end connects to the top threads of the coupler (H).

Operating instructions

Step 1
Tap the keg and run beer through the coils (B) until you see a slight amount of beer come out of the faucet (E). Note: Coils (B) should be room temperature. If the coils (B) are iced before beer is run through the system, water left in the coils (B) from their last rinse may freeze and cause problems.

Step 2
Submerge the coils (B) in a bath of ice and water. Use rough cubed or crushed ice to fill the cooler (A), and then add water until coils (B) are completely covered. Do not use a pick to break up ice, as it may pierce the coils (B).

Step 3
If your keg is not chilled (38 to 40° F) your beer will be foamy, as temperature directly impacts the pressure needed to dispense. To maintain proper keg temperature you may need to adjust the regulator (I) pressure to maintain the proper amount of CO2. Start at 30 PSI and increase until the desired flow is achieved.

Step 4
Check all fittings after the system has cooled, particularly the compression fittings behind the faucet shank (C). Note: As the system cools, seals may shrink which can lead to leaks. If there is a leak, simply tighten the fitting.

Step 5
Keep the keg out of direct sunlight and insulate it with a keg jacket or blanket to avoid temperature increase, always keeping the keg as cold as possible. Ice the keg if you need to and remember that the warmer the keg temperature gets, the more pressure needed to dispense.

Cleaning the coils after use

Clean the system thoroughly after every use to remove any residue in the coils (B).

Step 1
Flush the beer out of the lines (B,G) with a pressurized cleaning kit. Note: NEVER use dish soap or cleaners containing chlorine, chlorides, bleaches or mineral acids to clean the inside of the coils and NEVER clean with abrasives (i.e. steel wool or sand paper) as they will cause rusting. Use only approved beer line cleaner.

Step 2
Use a spanner wrench to remove and clean the faucets (E).

Step 3
Rinse entire system thoroughly with water.

Step 4
Clean the outside of the stainless steel coils (B) with a mild soap. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Saving leftover beer

Bleed off pressure using the release valve on the coupler (H), then repressurize to 12 to 14 PSI. Immediately place the keg in refrigerated storage.

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