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Use Code: KEGKIT15 DETAILS is fully open for business.

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Disclaimer: 15% Off Kegerator Conversion Kits - Use code KEGKIT15 at checkout. Prior sales excluded. Cannot be combined with other offers/promotions. Offer expires 8/31/2020 at 11:59pm EST.


Single Tap Tower US Sankey Kegerator Conversion Kit Instructions

For use with #C240-TOW

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C240-PK Low Profile Kegerator Conversion Kit

Get to know your conversion kit

  1. Faucet handle
  2. Chrome faucet head
  3. Chrome tower
  4. Rubber tower gasket
  5. Beer line
  6. Hex nut assembly
  7. Black rubber washer
  8. US Sankey coupler
  9. Air line
  10. Double gauge CO2 regulator
  11. 5-pound tank (empty)

Instructions for installation

Kegerator conversion kits are an easy and cost effective way to get the beer flowing at home. Follow these simple instructions for converting your fridge or freezer and you'll be enjoying cold and delicious draft in no time.

For a more visual tutorial, you can view our detailed instructional video.

Tools you'll need

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Spray foam (optional)

Step 1
Center your tower (C) on top of the refrigerator; once you find the perfect spot, use the rubber tower gasket (D) as your guide and mark where you will bolt the base of your tower (C) to the top of the fridge.

Step 2
In the center of the bolt pattern, drill a 1½" hole in the top of the refrigerator (this is where the beer line (E) and hex nut assembly (F) will pass through); Make sure not to drill into any refrigeration or electrical components.

Step 3
Where you have marked, drill holes for the tower bolts through top of the refrigerator.

Step 4
Align the rubber tower gasket (D) with the bolt holes and pass the beer line (E) with hex nut assembly (F) through the center of the rubber tower gasket (D) and the 1½" hole.

Step 5
Align the bolt holes on the tower base with the bolt holes drilled into the top of the fridge.

Step 6
Insert bolts through the base into the refrigerator and secure each bolt from inside of the fridge with a nut and a washer until the tower (C) is securely attached to the top of the unit.

Step 7
Insert the ¾" diameter black rubber washer (G) into the hex nut at the end of the beer line (E). Thread the hex nut and washer onto the coupler (H) and tighten with a wrench.

Step 8
If you want to keep your CO2 tank (K) outside of the fridge, drill a ¾" or 7/16" hole into the side of the refrigeration unit for the air line (I) and caulk or seal the hole as needed; remember that the air tank must be upright at all times.

Step 9
Take the air line (I) and press over the nipple sticking out of the keg coupler (H); fasten the line down with a screw clamp.

Step 10
Press the other end of the air line (I) over the nipple on your regulator (J) and secure it with a screw clamp.

Step 11
Place your keg in refrigerator and let it settle for a few hours before tapping, to avoid excessive foam.

Step 12
Connecting the gas regulator and tapping your keg.

  • Place a NEW fiber washer or nylon washer inside the coupling nut of the regulator (I) and screw the nut to the cylinder valve outlet (some regulators may already have a built-in "O" ring in the regulator stem. In these cases, a CO2 washer is not necessary but as the ring wears, a new ring or CO2 washer will be needed)
  • Tighten with a wrench; make sure that it's really tight, as this is the spot where most air leaks occur
  • Turn the shut-off valve at the base of the regulator (I) to the "OFF" position (horizontal)
  • Open the drum cylinder valve (the large screw on the face of the regulator) all the way out
  • Turn adjusting screw clockwise until correct pressure is indicated on gauge (approximately 10-12 PSI)
  • Attach keg coupler (G) to your keg
    1. Make sure the faucet handle (A) is pushed back to the "OFF" position
    2. Place the tap into the barrel fitting ad turn it clockwise until it's secure
    3. Depress the handle to tap the keg
  • Open the valve on your CO2 tank (J) all the way
  • Pressurize the keg by placing the handle of the shut-off valve on the regulator (I) in the "OPEN" position (straight up and down)

Congratulations! You're now ready to pour your first glass of delicious draft beer from your very own kegerator.

Kegerator Tips and Tricks

  • If your barrel has been handled a great deal or has warmed up, it may take several hours to settle down and cool
  • Draft beer should be stored and dispensed at 36-40° F
  • Open the beer faucet quickly and fully; opening the faucet halfway will cause foam
  • When you have filled the glass, close the faucet quickly
  • You must keep your beer system CLEAN for best results - purchase a Beer Line Cleaning Kit and clean your beer lines after every keg to keep your beer flowing well and tasting great.

Regulator Tips and Tricks

  • Regulators are easily damaged if dropped or handles improperly
  • Never oil a regulator
  • Always clean a new CO2 cylinder outlet; open the valve slightly to remove dirt, dust or oil before connecting the regulator
  • Caution: Never use your system without a CO2 regulator that's designed for dispensing draft beer. It is equipped with the correct safety device that is required.