Guide to Kegerator Conversion Kits: An Affordable Solution For Fresh Draft Beer

You know you want to enjoy fresh draft beer at home, but you don’t think you can justify the price tag of a ready-to-go kegerator? No problem. We offer a variety of kegerator conversion kits that help you turn any old refrigerator into the beautiful beer dispenser of your dreams. Keep reading for more information about the handy convenience of kegerator kits!

Benefits of A Kegerator Conversion Kit

Low Cost

A kegerator kit is a considerably cheaper option than a new ready-to-go kegerator. Many people have access to an old refrigerator (or freezer), but even if you don’t, you can usually find one available at a reasonable price on Craigslist or in your local newspaper’s classified ad section.

Simple to Convert

Our kegerator conversion kits contain all the equipment you need to get the job done. Just grab a drill and the slightest bit of mechanical ability and you’ll be done in about a half-hour.


Sure, a ready-to-go kegerator is hard to beat in terms of convenience. But you’re stuck with whatever comes in the box unless you want to spend the time and money to make costly upgrades.

A conversion kit from KegWorks offers you the freedom and flexibility to pour to your heart’s content. Multiple beer lines? Different keg couplers? If you can dream it up, we can help you make that dream a reality.


Most standard keg fridges offer little room for anything beyond your keg and the hardware you need to power dispensing. Converting a traditional refrigerator into a kegerator solves that problem with ease. You’ll have room to store all of the essentials that any home bar needs to serve up a range of well-chilled, delicious drinks.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Kegerator Conversion Kit

There are lots of good reasons why a kegerator conversion kit might be the right choice for your beer dispenser solution. Of course, it’s only fair to point a few potential pitfalls as well. We’re talking about things like…

Power Tools and Precision

Although it’s pretty easy to convert a fridge into a kegerator, it still requires some power tools, some measuring, and a bit of confidence in your small motor ability.

You might also need to make modifications to the inside of the refrigerator (i.e. remove shelves and crisper drawers, level off bottom, etc.) to adequately house your keg.

If you’re intimidated by tasks like these, there’s no shame in going the ready-to-go kegerator route.

Fridge Not Included

As we mentioned above, it’s usually not difficult to get your hands on a cheap fridge. But you still have to arrange for its transport and possibly lug it up or down stairs. That’s not fun.

No Guarantee

New keg refrigerators typically come with a warranty that offers a sense of security and protection against defects. This is obviously unlikely to happen with a used fridge and even if you did find one with remaining warranty coverage, the drilling of a hole to install the kegerator hardware would almost certainly invalidate it.


The dimensions of a traditional refrigerator makes it nearly impossible to build it into your cabinetry for a reasonable cost. Furthermore, very few refrigerators are UL certified for outdoor use, so you likely won’t be able to have your kegerator within arms reach when enjoying some summer sunshine.

Available Options for Kegerator Conversion Kits

Here at KegWorks, we offer a variety of pre-assembled conversion kits for your specific needs. We’ll explore those options below, but remember: when it comes to converting a traditional refrigerator into the kegerator you’ve always wanted, you’re mostly limited by your imagination and the size of the refrigerator.

Single Tap Conversion Kits

A single tap conversion kit is the most popular option for converting a refrigerator into a keg fridge. This is a fairly standard set-up that allows you to pour beer from a single keg through a single faucet mounted on the outside of your fridge.

Double Tap Conversion Kits

If you want to serve two kegs, a double tap conversion kit is your answer. Just remember, you’ll need room inside the fridge to house both kegs for proper dispensing.

Tower Conversion Kits

If you are converting a freezer into a beer dispenser (commonly known as a “keezer”) a tower conversion kit is a great option. It attaches to the top of the freezer and can accommodate a large number of faucets for pouring multiple kegs. (Please note: building a keezer also requires an external temperature control unit to ensure that the temperature doesn’t fall below freezing.) A tower conversion kit is also commonly used to upgrade a ready-to-go kegerator with additional faucets or added style.

Ready to Start Building your Kegerator?

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  • martin anyaogu May 4, 2015 @ 2:45pm

    i would want to make use of my deep freezer for the tower convertion kit along with kegs.what is the cost of the convertion kit + cost of freiting it to lagos nigeria using ups?

    • Caleb Houseknecht May 7, 2015 @ 10:47am

      Hey Martin!

      It would depend on how many kegs you want to have. Those are generally pretty large and can usually hold up to three half barrels, but we’d still need to know an exact number. We would also need to know how many faucets you’re looking for. Also, what is the exact zip code? If you’d prefer to have this conversation elsewhere, feel free to shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 716-856-9675.

      Talk to you soon.


      Caleb and your friends at KegWorks

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