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Kegerator Conversion Kits

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With a Kegerator Conversion Kit, you can convert any old refrigerator into a draft beer dispensing dream. Choose from standard door mount, tower, or European-style conversion kits with optional 5 lb. CO2 tanks, and you’ll be well on your way to drinking beer on tap from the convenience of a retired fridge.

If you’re looking to dispense Guinness or Murphy’s, we offer the proper European keg couplers and nitrogen tanks to get you up and running.

Things to Consider Before Building a Kegerator Conversion Kit

Converting your refrigerator into a kegerator is fairly easy, but it does require some power tools and planning. It’s usually not difficult to get your hands on a cheap fridge, however, drilling holes to install any kind of kegerator conversion kit will likely void any of its remaining warranty. If you're intimidated by the work required or would like the peace of mind from a warranty, a ready-to-go kegerator is probably the best option for you.

A single tap conversion kit is the most popular unit due to its fairly standard set-up which allows you to pour from a single keg and faucet mounted on the outside of your fridge. Double tap conversion kits are great for those looking to serve two beers at once.