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Nitro Stout Beer Faucet - Chrome

Item # SF2001

In stock and ready to ship.

Use this nitro stout beer faucet to dispense Guinness, Murphy's, and other nitrogen-powered brews.



If you want to dispense Guinness, Murphy’s, Beamish, or any other rich, creamy stouts, this nitro faucet is for you!

The solid metal construction and spring-loaded action combine to offer you long-lasting, pro-grade performance. If you’re a fan of this faucet, but not stout beers, you can easily remove the restrictor disc inside and dispense any foamy beverage of your choice. The standard threads can screw onto any standard shanks or towers.

Don’t get left out from pouring your stout. Get this chrome-plated Nitro Stout Beer Faucet today!

  • Chrome finish
  • Used for most nitrogen beers
  • Remove restrictor disc to use for any beer

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 8”L

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