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Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit - 32oz Liquid


Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit - 32oz Liquid


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No one should ever drink from dirty beer lines!

Improve the taste of your beer by eliminating foam-causing debris and beer stones before they have a chance to build up. For best results, you should clean your beer lines after every 1/2 barrel you and your kegerator kick.

This convenient pump assembly makes it easy to clean your draft system and the included cleaning solution easily powers through the potential grit and grime of your dirty lines. Detailed instructions are included, but for extra help and info check out the video below!

Video Video: Learn How to Clean Your Draft Beer Lines

Click to download Cleaning Kit instructions

Please note: faucet brush you receive may vary slightly from one pictured.

  • Makes cleaning your lines easy
  • Includes everything you need
  • Should be used every time you change your keg
Specs N/A
  • (1) One quart plastic jar and pump assembly
  • (1) Faucet wrench
  • (1) Faucet brush
  • (1) KegWorks Brand Beer Line Cleaning Solution -32oz.
  • Detailed instructions

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