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Bar Rail Cleaning & Touch-Up Paint

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Like anything else in, on, or around your bar, cleaning and maintenance are essential for your bar foot rails. It’s not a huge job in terms of cost or time spent, but we do recommend it on an as-needed basis.

If your bar is outfitted with stainless steel or outdoor bar rails, you likely won’t need to clean that often. If you’re working with brass, you may have to buff and shine more frequently. If your bar rail is powder coated, the finish may get scratched or scuffed over time, which you can camouflage with our handy color-match touch-up paint in Gunmetal Grey, Sunset Copper, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Matte Black. Shop our variety of maintenance and polishing kits, cloths, paint, and brushes, and ensure a shine like the day you first bought them.