19 Tailgating Tips and Products to Perfect Your Parking Lot Passion

  1. If you’re bringing a keg (highly encouraged), eliminate wait times with a Fast Pour Multi-Tap. It pours up to four beers at once.

multi tap

2. Use magnets to attach beer-filled koozies to your car. Then there’s no need for a cup-holder in your chair.

3. Don’t forget a folding table for setting out food (and/or playing beer pong). Bonus points if it looks like a football field.

football-tailgate-table4. Bring a metal bucket for removing hot coals safely.

5. Float a helium balloon on a long string from your car, so friends can find you quickly.

6. Eat and drink while standing, and still keep one hand free, with a Great Plate to match your team’s colors.

great plate

7. Make a variety of Jello shots in
fun colors and flavors and transport them, mess-free, in plastic shot containers with lids. If you are feeling ambitious, use them to make a Jello shot stadium at your tailgating site (because snack stadiums are soooo 2015).

New Jello Shot Flavors

stadium made of Jello shots

8. Prepare food that can be made ahead and easily reheated. These slow-cooker “bloody cherry” meatballs require 
just four ingredients and a few minutes of active effort. They are always a hit.

meatballs in a crockpot

9. Use an
acrylic liquor bottle shelf to turn the back of your car into a full service bar.

10. Keep your kegs colder longer (without the ice) with a Keg Beer Insulator Sleeve.

insulator sleeve

11. Turn an empty beer case into a single-use cooler by lining the case with plastic wrap or a garbage bag. Then, just fill it with ice, and pack in your beers.

12. Be as awesome as this guy. Pack a beer holster.

beer holster

13. Bring a plastic tub to take dirty dishes home and garbage bags to collect and store anything disposable.

14. Easily take your beer and your chair with you as you hop from site to site with a transportable Personalized Cooler Chair.

cooler chair

15. Line a charcoal grill with tin foil for easy cleanup.

16. Make your meat the talk of the tailgate! Spell out your team pride with a customizable branding iron.

branding iron

17. Use an empty six-pack to store and transport all your sauces and (smaller) condiment bottles.

18. Freeze any water bottles you won’t be drinking right away. In your cooler, they’ll help keep things extra cold.

19. Keep your beer cold and your hands warm with an Instant Beer Stein Can Grip Handle or Bottle Grip Handle.

can grip


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  • Angela Waterford May 28, 2019 @ 6:19am

    I think I’ll ask the VIP tailgate rental if they’ll allow us to bring a keg to the vehicle so we can enjoy the game while we have some drinks. I’ll be sure to bring a folding table so that we can have extra room to set the food on. Thanks for the tip that we should prepare food that can be made ahead and easily reheated so I’ll ask if the vehicle has any sockets we can plug our reheating appliances on so that we can have some hot food while we watch the game.

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