Monument to Beer

Built by architectural students in Germany, Boxel is a pavilion created with over 2,000 empty beer boxes. [] According to press materials and the article,… Read More

Stone Brewing Co. Across the Pond?

According to, America’s beloved Stone Brewing Co. is looking into expanding to the European market! If all goes as planned, this will be the… Read More

Draft Beer Takes Flight

Japan’s Ana Airline has developed a kegerator that allows them to serve draft beer at high altitudes, according to this article on The notion… Read More

The French Hops Experiment

This coming Wednesday, July 14th, Oregon’s Pelican Brewery will debut a one-time-only brewed beer in honor of Bastille Day, according to Photo credit:… Read More

It’s a Big Ad

A VERY big ad… for selling beer. Guess it worked too, because I could go for a cold one right about now. [techtags:BEER AD, BIG… Read More