How to Build a Home Bar: A Culmination of Posts

We recently finished an 11-post series on How to Build a Home Bar. To make sure you’ve got all of our tips easily at hand, here’s a culmination of the posts, in order of publish date: 1. Exploring Your Options
2. Layout and Design
3. Building Yourself vs. Hiring Out
4. Refrigeration, Part 1: Standard Refrigeration and Draft Beer Systems
5. Refrigeration, Part 2: Wine Refrigeration, Beverage Centers and Ice Machines
6. Look and Feel
7. About Bar Foot Rails and Arm Rests
8. Bar Foot Rails: Before You Order
9. Installing Bar Foot Rails
10. Accessorizing Your Bar 11. Stocking Your Bar If you have any questions on any of these posts, or anything else home bar or draft beer related, please feel free to comment on our blog or contact our Customer Service department toll-free at 877.636.3673 Cheers! [techtags:HOME BAR, HOW TO BUILD A HOME BAR, BUILDING A HOME BAR, STOCKING YOUR BAR, BAR ACCESSORIES, BAR FOOT RAILS]

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