The KegWorks Holiday MANual – Mediocre Gift Upgrades

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Mediocre Gift Upgrades: Don't Just Give Some Thing. Give Something Unexpected.

When you have a great gift idea, you know it.
No matter what it is, the moment you buy it you’re excited to give it away.
It’s a beautiful thing.
Unfortunately, those ideas don’t come as easy (or as often) as they should. Instead, people end up wandering around stores aimlessly, waiting for some kind of last minute inspiration to strike.
When it doesn’t, they resort to an old standby. An “easy” gift that’s just as generic as it is wrappable. We tell ourselves they’ll find a use for it because we don’t know what else to get, and we’d really like to get going.
You can give better.
Save your gift from mediocrity with these better-than-average gift upgrades.

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Gifts to Give Instead of Sausage and Cheese Baskets

Oak Barrel Mug - 1 Liter Brooklyn Brine Pickles and Sauerkraut

Gifts to Give Instead of Car Wash Certificates

KegWorks Beer Pouch Hooded Sweatshirt KegWorks Gift Certificate

Gifts to Give Instead of Fruit Baskets

Premium Tonic Water Sample Pack Demitris Premium Bloody Mary Mixes

Gifts to Give Instead of Calendars, Journals or Planners

Bar Signs and Posters Hip Flask and Cups Set

Gifts to Give Instead of a Travel Mug and Coffee

KegWorks Stainless Steel Growler Growler Insulator Sleeve with Ice Blanket

Gifts to Give Instead of Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit Mojito Glass Set with Wooden Muddler

Gifts to Give Instead of Neckties

Manhattan Cocktail Lovers Gift Set

Gifts to Give Instead of a Scarf, Gloves and Hat Set

Wine Tasting Flight Decanter Set Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack

Gifts to Give Instead of socks

Tovolo Ice Spheres Set of 2 Hops Holster Bottle in a Beer Glass

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