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CO2 & Nitrogen Air Tanks

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In any draft beer system, your air tank is a crucial component in the process of dispensing your beer. Air tanks provide gas that is monitored by your regulator and controls the flow of beer from keg to faucet. Our steel and aluminum tanks for CO2 or nitrogen get the appropriate gas flowing through your air lines so you can get that professional pour from your kegerator or commercial draft dispensing system.

We carry 5- and 10-pound aluminum CO2 tanks as well as 10-pound Nitrogen tanks that are used for Guinness Stout. All tanks are shipped empty but can be filled at any local gas dealer or welding supply company.

Our straightforward Draft Beer Guide will show you all you need to know to pour the perfect pint from the comfort of your own home bar. And when it comes to the finishing touches, we’ll help you find the right parts and kits, faucets, and tap handles to give you that professional look you’re aiming for.

Serving nitrogen beers like Guinness, Murphy’s, or your own stout brew? Our steel and aluminum tanks built specifically for nitrogen blending and dispensing systems will provide the necessary gas consistency, and our double gauge nitrogen regulator will help you achieve the proper pressure for those specialty taps. Make your Guinness service operation even easier to build with our ready-to-serve Guinness on Tap kegerators and equipment.