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Cocktails On Tap

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Serving large-batch cocktails on tap is a great differentiator for your home or commercial bar. Building a draft cocktail system or modifying your draft beer system to accommodate kegged cocktails is a relatively simple task if you have the right products.

Choose from our variety of cocktails on tap equipment to outfit your system. Offering craft cocktails from your draft system requires that you use all stainless-steel components, as stainless steel will not corrode over time and affect the taste and quality of your cocktail recipes. It also requires a Cornelius, or Corny keg for batching the cocktail and a ball-lock disconnect to connect the keg to the vinyl line, which will transport the cocktail up through the draft tower to the faucet tap.

Assuming your cocktails are still and non-carbonated, draft cocktails also require a Nitrogen gas tank and Nitrogen regulator, but a standard draft faucet. For highest quality, the majority of faucets in our kegged cocktail category utilize stainless-steel Perlick faucets.

With the proper components, your bar will be serving up creative cocktail creations on draft. This allows consistency to serve up the cocktail exactly as it was intended, every time. Check out our cocktails on tap guide for more info!