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Glycol Cooled Beer Towers

These draft towers are designed to be used with Glycol chilled draft systems and will connect to your trunk line.

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What You Need to Know About Glycol Cooled Beer Towers

Glycol beer towers are designed to be compatible with glycol-cooled draft beer systems. These towers have room to hold trunk line and beer lines. The draft lines run across glycol cooling blocks inside the tower to help keep the beer cool, and the trunk line runs back out of the tower to return the glycol to the chiller.

Glycol cooled beer towers are constructed from either ceramic or chrome. Standard single pedestal glycol towers mount to countertop and hold 1-3 faucets. Double-pedestal and pass-thru draft towers can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 20 draft lines. These are excellent options for long draw commercial draft systems.


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