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Guinness On Tap

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Guinness, the Black Sheep (Stout) of Draft Systems

In order to tap perfect pints of Guinness, you must be aware of some changes you’ll need to make to your draft system.

First, you will have to purchase a Nitrogen tank and have it filled with a gas mixture of 3/4 part Nitrogen and 1/4 part CO2. The added Nitrogen helps give Guinness the creamy head it’s famous for. You will also need a U-system Coupler, which is used for most stouts. This coupler connects to both your gas and beer lines to take in the gas and push the beer from the keg to the tower. In addition to the coupler, you should also purchase a stout faucet. Shop stout faucets in chrome, brass, or premium stainless steel, each with a unique restrictor disc that creates the right pour for Guinness.