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Beer Making Equipment Kits

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Once you’ve got all the right equipment, you’ll need to get your ingredients. We’ve made that easy for you, too, with our nice collection of homebrew ingredient kits. Don’t waste time searching for each and every bit to get in your boil. Our ingredient kits have everything you need so you can get the brew kettle going and then sit back and have a beer.

To the rookie brewer, the many homebrew parts and steps can seem complex and confusing. The best thing about purchasing a complete equipment kit is that all of the essential tools are accounted for in one package. All you’ll need to do is decide which kind of beer you’ll want to brew in that first batch, choose the proper grains, malt, yeast, and hops, and you’re on your way to brewmaster’s bliss from the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Our kits come with simple brewing instructions, or check out our homebrewer’s guide for a straightforward refresher.