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The kind of pump you’ll need depends on how and where you plan to dispense. Is your keg supplying beer to hundreds of impatient drinkers? Do you get tired of being the same person pumping all night? These are important questions to consider before purchasing your pump.

If you plan on serving a large crowd, you may want to consider more than one faucet. The Bronco Multi Tap comes with four faucets, which make it easier to dispense for larger groups. Another option is the Ubertap 3 Faucet Pump, which works with a fast and efficient foot pump while dispensing from multiple faucets.

The keg coupler you use will depend on the type of beer you’re dispensing. All pumps sold at KegWorks come with a coupler to open the keg, but it’s important to know which kind of coupler system you’ll be using. Most American and Canadian domestic brews run on a D-system. For other beers, we sell European pumps, A-System pumps, and G-system pumps.

Keg pumps traditionally involve manual effort to move the beer from the keg to your glass, but CO2 taps like the bestselling Leland Picnic Tap are becoming more popular because with the addition of gas, you get a perfect pour without the physical labor.