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Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kits

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Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kits are the best option for those looking to convert a full size fridge into a kegerator. The included faucet and shank are great for dispensing draft beer from the refrigerator door or side wall. Door mount conversion kits are also a great choice for those converting a chest freezer into a kegerator, also known as a “keezer.”

Our kegerator conversion kits come with your choice of 5lb and 10lb CO2 tanks or no tank at all, and you can choose between a US Sankey D or European Sankey S keg coupler so you can pour your favorite beer.

Not looking to modify your refrigerator? We offer an economy conversion kit that doesn't require drilling holes in your fridge. This kit uses beer line with a plastic faucet head that allows you to dispense your beer by simply opening the refrigerator door and squeezing the faucet.