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Glass Rinser Trays

Glass rinsers improve the quality of your draft beer by cooling the glass and encouraging better head retention.

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What You Need to Know About Glass Rinser Trays

The perfect accessory for any draft beer system is a glass rinser drip tray. They improve the quality of your beer by removing any dust or debris from a glass before serving as well as cooling it to promote better head retention. This helps to create what is known as beer-clean glassware to give the drinker the best-tasting beer possible that retains carbonation better. Carbon dioxide bubbles can cling to dust, food particles, oils, and other residues inside of a glass, which speeds up the release of carbonation from your beer, causing it to go flat faster than normal.

Drip trays with built-in glass rinser are ideal for bars, restaurants as well as for home use.

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