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Guinness Stout Keg Coupler - U System

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In stock and ready to ship.

Hook this U System coupler up your keg and gas tank to start dispensing your favorite, creamy stout. Serve up Guinness, Smithwick's, Harp, and many more!


    Serving creamy stouts like Guinness calls for special draft beer equipment, including this U System keg coupler. This beer coupler comes complete with US standard output fittings and a U system input for an easy connection to your existing keg.

    The keg coupler is in charge of connecting your gas tank, keg, and beer line. In the case of Guinness, you will need a gas tank with a 75% Nitrogen/25% CO2 gas blend. When you operate the black plastic handle, gas is pushed into the keg, which then forces the beer through up your vinyl beer lines all the way to the draft faucet. If your beer coupler is not attached properly, your system will not dispense as it should.

    With a body made from nickel-plated brass, this Guinness keg coupler has a 304 stainless steel probe – the part that is inserted inside the keg. Every part of this coupler that comes into contact with your beer is made of stainless-steel. This high-end material ensures durable performance and a high-quality pour with no added metallic taste.

    Please note: this coupler includes a standard handle, rather than the European handle, for greater ease of use.

    This 100% stainless-steel contact keg coupler fits U System keg valves, which is what you’ll need for popular stouts such as Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, and more. You won’t be able to dispense these stouts with a standard US Sankey (D System) keg coupler. To make sure the beer you want to serve uses the U System, refer to our complete coupler guide:

    Click here for a complete list of beers that can be tapped by this U system coupler.

    Assuming you're attaching it to a U system beer keg, this Guinness and U-system keg coupler slides on for a quick and easy installation. Its high-quality design makes it a great choice for both home and commercial bars.

    • U System keg coupler
    • Connects the gas tank, keg, and beer lines to allow for pressurized dispensing
    • Used for serving Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, and other stouts
    • Made from nickel-plated brass
    • Black plastic lever handle
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Perfect for home or commercial use
    • Click here for a complete list of beers

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    Contact Customer Care
    • System: U system keg valves
    • Material: Nickel Plated Brass
    WARNING: This product contains a chemical(s) which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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    6 Reviews
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    Yes! I would recommend this product. (5)
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    Would you recommend this product?
    Yes! I would recommend this product.
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    So easy to assemble
    I got the keg coupler and the tap, got my cylinder of Nitrous and C02 mix and went on the journey of putting it all together. 10 minutes later, I had cold beer. No fuss, no mess, just working first time.

    March 28, 2017
    Atlanta, GA, US
    over 3 years ago
    Would you recommend this product?
    Yes! I would recommend this product.
    5 / 5
    4 / 5
    Good quality
    This coupler arrived quickly and is great quality. This fits my keg of Smithwick's securely and helps me enjoy pints of delicious Irish brews.
    January 28, 2020
    Richmond, VA, US
    6 months ago
    Would you recommend this product?
    Yes! I would recommend this product.
    4 / 5
    4 / 5
    The coupler was a little harder to connect than an standard coupler. But the handle is great and it works!
    April 15, 2020
    NC, US
    3 months ago
    Would you recommend this product?
    Yes! I would recommend this product.
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    Missing part
    The rep was very helpful and the piece works. Only problem, was I think they should have told me I would need a hose adapter to go with it. I had to call again and place another order where the shipping was as much as the piece I originally ordered.
    March 19, 2019
    Belleair, FL, US
    1 year ago
    Would you recommend this product?
    Yes! I would recommend this product.
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    Works Great
    It was a little hard to get on. I've tapped hundreds of kegs and the fitting seemed a little difficult. But I have no air or beer leaks for this first keg of Guinness.
    May 5, 2020
    2 months ago
    Would you recommend this product?
    No. I would not recommend this product.
    2 / 5
    2 / 5
    Not machined to very tight tolerance
    I finally got this coupler to latch after several attempts. It twists in ok but the gas handle refused to stay latched. Thought I was gong to have to find another coupler from a different supplier. After many attempts, and putting quite a bit of force on the handle it finally latched. Just doesn't seem to mate with the keg in a way that the gas handle can accommodate.
    May 14, 2020
    Seattle, WA, US
    3 months ago
    Response from Kegworks
    Hi Ken. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you're having problems fully connecting your coupler. If you haven't already please call us at 877-636-3673 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting the issue further. Thank you for being a KegWorks customer. Cheers!
    May 14, 2020
    Dave B
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    Why did you choose this?
    Kegworks Store
    I have a kegarator and my normal taps wont work
    Jonathan v on May 14, 2020
    Guiness requires a special tap
    Walter N on Apr 30, 2020
    I have a kegarator and my normal taps wont work
    Jonathan v on May 14, 2020
    cause when I went to the liquor store this weekend the only lager keg they had was Harp!
    Joseph S on May 11, 2020
    Guiness requires a special tap
    Walter N on Apr 30, 2020
    Acquired a keg of Guiness
    Dave S on Apr 30, 2020
    Want to enjoy Guinness from my kegerator.
    Eric N on Apr 8, 2020
    Need a Guinness Coupler to replace a broken one.
    Fredrick T on Apr 5, 2020
    I want the option to add Guinness to my kegerator and needed the U-System coupler to achieve that.
    Steve M on Mar 10, 2020
    To tap kegs of Smithwicks
    Brad S on Mar 10, 2020
    Needed for kegs of Smithwicks
    Sean B on Mar 3, 2020
    others people have chosen this coupler , should work with my kegerator
    ian b on Dec 23, 2019
    so I can tap Guinness and Harp for SPD... needed a 2nd U coupler
    Dennis C on Dec 1, 2019
    We needed to replace out Guinness coupler, Kegworks had the most competitive price
    Paul B on Nov 18, 2019
    When it comes to buying for my kegerator I always Kegworks
    randy m on Nov 16, 2019
    for my keg
    Steven S on May 22, 2019
    I looked every where locally to get a U System coupler, but no where had one. It was great to come across this site to snag one. What I needed...when i needed it.
    Jason S on Apr 2, 2019
    first step in being able to have guinness on tap
    RICHARD F on Mar 4, 2019
    Jeff B on Feb 25, 2019
    Need to tap Smithwicks
    Michael M on Jan 26, 2019
    Needed for Guinness Keg
    Ryan T on Jan 18, 2019
    The only one that was shown
    Eugene M on Dec 1, 2018
    For Smithwicks's kegs.
    John D on Nov 30, 2018
    They had the widest variety of accessories to choose from.
    Kevin R on Nov 18, 2018
    You had the coupler listed for Guinness
    Brian L on Nov 9, 2018
    I like Beer
    jan p on Oct 23, 2018
    Dispense Smithwicks
    Robert P on Oct 17, 2018
    If you have a taste for Guinness Stout, you will need this keg coupler to tap the keg.
    Francis H on Sep 7, 2018
    Needed for Smithwick's Ale Kegs
    Dave M on Aug 24, 2018
    I need it to tap into my favorite fall flavour!
    John B on Sep 4, 2017
    Halfway to St. Patrick party
    Bill S on Aug 30, 2017
    Fits Smithwicks!
    Steven M on Aug 29, 2017
    For Harp and Guiness Beer at my home bar.
    Andy R on Jul 22, 2017
    Based on price and reviews
    Aubrey P on May 24, 2017
    To convert our current keg-orator to pour Guiness!
    Jenna M on May 15, 2017
    Wanted to be able to tap a Smithwicks keg.
    Ron B on Feb 23, 2017
    I love Guinness !!!!
    Herbert E on Jan 18, 2017
    Smithwick's Keg in my kegerator
    Francis M on Dec 6, 2016
    I picked this item since the world has so many different tap types. I love irish beer and cannot live without a tap that will help me access beer from imported kegs
    john daniel b on Nov 6, 2016
    Specialty Coupler for Guinness Keg System
    Tony D on Oct 18, 2016
    Michael S on Oct 15, 2016
    Because we got a keg of Smithwicks and didn't have the necessary U-type coupler.
    Edward G on Aug 15, 2016
    raymond c on Jul 5, 2016
    Because I needed it!
    Don L on Apr 12, 2016
    cause when I went to the liquor store this weekend the only lager keg they had was Harp!
    Joseph S on May 11, 2020
    Acquired a keg of Guiness
    Dave S on Apr 30, 2020
    Does this work for the new Guinness Nitro IPA?
    If not do you know what tap I need for the IPA.?
    Conrad C on Jan 26, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: If it's a Guinness keg, you will need a Guinness tap.
    Cannot get the handle down and locked on Smithwicks keg. !/4 turn on U tap, pull and push handle down. no lock. Please advise?
    Michael M on Jul 3, 2019
    BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately, I've never tapped a Smithwicks keg but on a Guinness Keg, I've sometimes had the problem. Make sure the coupler is fully clockwise on the keg, and apply enough downward pressure on the handle until you hear the click and the coupler is locked. Good luck!
    smithwicks ale- does it use co2 or nitro mix?
    doreen k on Jul 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: We just finished a Keg of Smithwicks. It uses CO 2 only.

    Guinness requires a mix of Nitrogen (75%) and CO 2 (25%).
    Does the handle of this keg coupler clear the lip on the new style Guinness 1/6 barrel?
    andy f on May 2, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Most liquor stores in my area have been able to confirm that the 20L keg of Guinness is now available upon request. The prices I am hearing are right around $100. I know that isn't a discount, but from my understanding not many 1/6 kegs are priced in our favor.

    Some stats on the Guinness 1/6 (20L) Keg:

    Weight: 57 lbs
    Height: 23 inches
    Width: 9.3 inches
    Shape: Round, Steel Drum
    Coupler: "U" system coupler (same as other Guinness kegs)
    Are they any o-rings or any other pieces that need to be in the connection or gas line connection?
    Kevin S on Feb 27, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: The gas/air line connection does not need an additional gasket. Those are typically secured with a screw clamp. Your beer line connection will need a rubber washer. Our beer line jumpers include the connectors and washers. We also sell the washers separately. They are good to have on hand to replace lost or warn washers.
    Rubber Washer for Beer Line - Set of 6
    Rubber Washer for Beer Line - Set of 6
    Beer Line Connector Kit for 3/16
    Beer Line Connector Kit for 3/16" ID Vinyl Hose - Chrome Plated Brass
    5' Vinyl Hose Jumper - 3/16
    5' Vinyl Hose Jumper - 3/16" ID - Stainless Steel Connectors
    Air Line Jumper - 5/16
    Air Line Jumper - 5/16" ID - 5' Vinyl Hose w/ Screw Clamps
    What if you don’t use the blended gas for Guinness just the one for regular keg?
    A shopper on Mar 7, 2020
    BEST ANSWER: The texture of the Guinness won’t be correct. CO2 is used to pressurize and preserve regular beer. Beer gas has just enough CO2 to preserve stout beer and the nitrogen is used to compress the beer against specialized parts in the tap to create the creamy texture characteristic to Guinness. Straight CO2 would probably make the Guinness foam a lot and it would not have the authentic creamy texture. The exact result depends on: are you using a stout tap, the temperature of the beer, and what pressure you are using.
    Does anyone know the beer line connector for this? Im having trouble putting a wing nut American standard line connector to this coupler
    A shopper on Jan 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The wing nut will not work. Get the following beer line KegWorks - ITEM # 600-60

    Beer Line Jumper 5' w/connectors. I have a Guinness connector and this works just find. Alternatively, you can buy beer line, an assortment of connectors, clams and rubber washers, but I am pretty sure the KegWorks premade Jumper line will work.
    What type of metal is this item made from?
    A shopper on Jul 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This U-coupler is made from nickel plated brass.
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