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Add-a-Line Kit for Single Faucet Kegerator Conversion Kit - US Sankey D System


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Have two beers on tap! These kegerator supplies upgrade your converted fridge to a two-beer system.



Have two beers on tap! This kit includes all of the kegerator supplies you need to upgrade your converted fridge from a single tap to a two-beer line system.

Conversion kits like this one are easy to install. Simply fit the included shank through the refrigerator door and connect your beer line and faucet. Attach the CO2 line from your regulator to the two-way CO2 distribution bar, connect both air lines to the keg couplers and you’re ready to enjoy twice the beer!

Video: Turn Your Fridge into a Kegerator! Learn How

  • Turn a single line kegerator into a double line

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