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Coffee On Tap

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Strong in terms of the punch it packs from caffeine, yet less acidic and bitter-tasting than regular coffee, nitrogen cold brew coffee is sure to be a popular beverage at your home or commercial bar.

Whether you’re setting up a new nitro coffee machine keg or modifying an existing draft system, we have the draft components you need to complete the job.

The first step to having Nitro cold brew coffee on tap is to brew a large batch of coffee and then pour it into a Cornelius, or Corny keg. The keg is connected to the vinyl line through a ball-lock disconnect. Similar to a Guinness in consistency, draft coffee uses all Nitrogen components. This includes a stout faucet, a Nitrogen gas tank, and a Nitrogen regulator. With our Nitrogen-infused coffee-specific keg lid, the cascading effect that helps make Guinness so popular can also be achieved.

Though less acidic than standard coffee, Nitrogen coffee still is too corrosive to use anything other than all stainless-steel liquid contact. This includes the draft shank and faucet tap. All of the draft towers in this category feature 100% stainless-steel contact, and this category also features mostly Perlick faucets for top-of-the-line quality. Check out our coffee on tap guide for more info!