saturn cocktail

Tiki Cocktail Recipe: The Saturn

The Saturn, which was developed in California in 1967, proves a cocktail needn’t include rum to be considered tiki. In its place, orgeat, falernum, and… Read More

cantina tiki

5 Tiki Cocktails to Try in Buffalo

Tiki cocktails, characterized by their retro aesthetic; high-octane blend of rums; layered flavors of tropical fruit, almond, and baking spices; and over-the-top glassware and garnishes,… Read More

4th of july cocktail

A Fourth of July Cocktail Recipe

If you’re entertaining a crowd on Fourth of July weekend, you may not want to spend your time shaking up high-maintenance cocktails ad nauseam for… Read More

scorpion bowl flame

Tiki Cocktail Recipe: Scorpion Bowl

The Scorpion Bowl is a quintessential rum cocktail that combines the whimsy of tiki with the camaraderie of communal drinking. Victor Jules Bergeron is said to have… Read More