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5 Reasons You Should Build A Wedding Bar

August 21st, 2014 by Caleb Houseknecht

Last weekend, I stood up in the wedding of two of my greatest friends. Everything about it was amazing – the food, the band, the venue, and especially, the beer. The wedding was in Ithaca, NY, where my friends currently live, so they had two kegs of Green Trail IPA from Ithaca Beer Co. and two kegs of Ommegang Witte, one of my personal favs.

The best part of all of this? The bar pictured below. My friends, Sarah and Travis (bride and groom), built that bar, with the help of yours truly – all of the draft beer equipment provided by KegWorks. After seeing the finished product, and watching all of their guests drool over it, I was left with a strong urge to tell you all about it.


But more than just saying, “Look at this cool thing my friends did,” I want to tell you why this is a great idea for your wedding as well. Here are my top 5 reasons.

1.) It’s the Ultimate Accent

My friends had a barn wedding with a folky feel. So they went with a really simple design on the bar, but it fit the entire atmosphere wonderfully. In fact, the addition of the bar really set off the rest of their accents. No matter your theme, you can make your bar fit.

2.) Money Savings

Look, weddings are expensive enough. Between the food, facility, band, photographer, and whatever-the-heck else, the bills stack up quickly. Now, for most of us – at least those reading this blog – alcohol is a must at a wedding. Kegs are just cheaper. Cut out liquor, and you’ll save even more money.

Assembling the wedding bar

two tap wall mount refrigerator conversion kit

This is the kit my friends used to make the bar

Assembling the Sawdusty Saints Wedding Bar

3.) It’s Low Maintenance

Forget constantly stocking bins, tables, and coolers with canned and bottled beers. Hook up your kegs, ice ‘em down, and enjoy the party while the beer flows freely.

4.) You’ll Own That Bar Forever

After the wedding, the bar is yours. Keep it in your house, your garage, your basement – wherever.

K&K beer bar by Glen Hawk

Another wedding bar built by KegWorks customer, Glen Hawk

5.) It’s a Conversation Starter

Beyond people simply seeing the bar and asking about it, it’s a magnet for smaller, more private gatherings and a great way for guests to get to know each other.


If you’d like to learn more about building a bar or outfitting a draft system for your wedding, give us a call – 877.636.3673.

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Welcome Back Ballantine Beer

August 19th, 2014 by Collin Wittman

If you’re a beer drinker, you probably have a go-to brew. Maybe you’re a Macro Man who appreciates a smooth pull on a frosty can of classic Budweiser or Coors. Or perhaps you’re a hop head with a particular passion for some craft brew or another. It doesn’t really matter what your go-to beer is, it just matters that you have one.

"This beer sure tastes fly homies."

“This beer sure tastes fly homies.”

Now, can you imagine being told that your favorite brew will no longer be available? Oh the horror. I mean, what a horrible, horrendous buzzkill. Would you survive? Sure, but you wouldn’t be happy. Who likes having their comfort zone rocked to its core? No one.

Well, that’s what happened when Ballantine beer went dark in the 1960’s. It had been a vibrant brand, producing an exceptional IPA for decades. In other words, it was likely the go-to brew for a whole bunch of people. And then, one day, it was gone.

But friends, we live in a glorious age. And Ballantine is coming back!


That’s right, the long defunct brand has been owned for over 40 years by Pabst. With their recent ascension to the highest reaches of hipster refreshment, the Los Angeles (by way of Milwaukee)-based brewer decided it was time to diversify their offerings with something new, even if that something new is actually something very old.

“The greatest challenge was doing the historical research,” said Gregory Deuhs, Pabst’s Master Brewer. “We had to go back and read first-hand accounts of the ale’s flavor.”

If you’re hankering to try this historical brew (and Pabst sure is hoping that you are), start scouting your store shelves in September. Let’s get excited!

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Introducing Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Hard Cider Pouches

August 14th, 2014 by Collin Wittman

Newsflash: we love beer. Yeah, shocker, right? Of course we love beer. It’s the best. It offers endless variety and pretty much all of those varieties taste like a cross between magic and sunshine. Hell, we love it so much that we’ve decided to start offering all of the fresh ingredients and dependable equipment one could possibly need to launch themselves into a successful home brewing habit. That’s dedication friends.

But sometimes, you’re ready to take just a little bit of a left turn. Spread your wings a little bit. Explore the world of fermentables a bit deeper and see what else is out there to enjoy. We get that. And we decided to do something about it.

Enter Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series of Hard Apple Cider Brew Pouches. Yeah, that just happened.

These pouches contain all the high-quality ingredients you need to create a Traditional Hard Apple Cider, Pear Cider, Mixed Berry Cider, or Strawberry & Pear Cider. Each flavor brings the sweetness you expect from a hard cider, but it’s not as sugary as many of the pre-bottled versions available at your local beer store.

So come on, try something different. Brew up some hard cider and savor each sweet, tart sip!

1. Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Apple Cider Pouch


2. Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Pear Cider Pouch


3. Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Mixed Berry Cider Pouch


4. Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Strawberry and Pear Cider Pouch


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Allagash Brewing Announces Return to New York

August 13th, 2014 by Caleb Houseknecht

Allagash Brewing Comes Back to Western New York

Every one loves receiving snail mail these days, even just a letter (of course, this excludes any paper bills that still come through the mail – no one likes those). So you’d imagine my great delight when I received a large, rather heavy package at work last week. The package was from Allagash Brewing Company out of Portland, Maine. Until last week, I’d only heard of Allagash, but never had any of their beers.

I immediately tore open the package and found the following: two 12-ounce Whites, two 12-ounce Saisons, and one 750ml Allagash Curieux. They also sent a bunch of stickers, a small and large chalice, and a handwritten note.

Allagash Brewing Company Care Package Contents
Allagash Brewing Company  Stickers
Allagash Brewing Company Small and Large Chalice
Allagash Brewing Company's Care Package Layout

The purpose of all this? After a 5-year absence, Allagash is coming back to Western and Central New York State on August 25th, offering their entire lineup of brews.

Being located in Buffalo, NY and writing quite frequently about beer, I realize why this package was sent to me. They wanted me to tell all of you about this news. And here I am. They succeeded. And there are two reasons why…

1.) They Took the Time

Allagash handwritten note from package
They sent me a personalized package with more than just promotional swag. AND, they included a personalized, handwritten note from their Marketing Director. Big points for that.

2.) Their Beers are Awesome

Allagash Brewing Company  White, Saison, and Curieux

I started out with the Saison. I split it with our photographer while we shot the photos you see throughout this post. It was 12pm. I thought about taking the rest of the day off and drinking the remainder of the beers they sent me. It was that good. I reluctantly stayed at work.

That night, I dipped into the Curieux, a Tripel aged in Jim Beam bourbon barrels for eight weeks. This 11% beauty left me wanting more and more. It goes down super easy (maybe too easy) with notes of coconut, vanilla, and just the right amount of bourbon.

Allagash Brewing Company Saison in Chalice Glass

Finally, I tried their interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White. Take a look at the description on their website, and I’ll let the seven awards speak for this beer.

I reluctantly shared these beers with several friends and coworkers, and their reviews all mirrored mine. Allagash, you have officially won my heart and my palate. I’m counting down the days to August 25th.

If you’re from Western or Central New York, Allagash will be hosting tastings at local establishments around the area throughout the week of the 25th. Jump over to their events page for more.

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Craft Beer Invades MLB Ballparks

August 11th, 2014 by Collin Wittman
Image via (Credit: Shelly Tan)

Image via (Credit: Shelly Tan)

Beer and baseball. They’re pretty much a perfect match, right? I mean, what’s better than sitting down on a summer evening to take in some elite athletic competition with a frosty pint of pure perfection in your hand? Nothing.

And friends, things are just getting better. At ballparks across the country, the craft beer scene is really beginning to explode. Consumers want choice and they’ve made their voices heard.

Recently, the Washington Post did some pretty nifty legwork to get a sense of the beer offerings at each of the 30 stadiums spread across our fair land. They compiled these findings into a great interactive chart that can be found by clicking here.

Some key takeaways:

1. Seattle, we salute you.

2. There is real, measurable demand for craft beer and it’s not going away. Craft beer is not a “trend.” It’s a revolution.

3. That being said, at most fields, the big boys still rule the roost, and that’s just fine. There’s room for everyone at this party.

Seriously, go check this graphic out, but be warned it’s pretty easy to get lost in it.

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Buy a Kegerator, Get a Gift Card

August 8th, 2014 by Caleb Houseknecht

August is Kegerator Month

August is Kegerator Month. Why? Because we said so. For the remainder of August, when you purchase a kegerator, we’ll give you a gift card for $50 – $100, depending on the kegerator you choose.

If you’ve been on the fence about your draft dispensing dream, now’s the time to pull the trigger (check out all those idioms). But seriously. What are you waiting for?

Kegerator Month Deal

In addition to this swingin’ deal we’re dropping in your laps, which will likely be enough for many of you, here are five reasons you should own a kegerator…

1.) Draft Beer on Demand

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Sure, growlers are great for trying different beers and enjoying a small quantity of draught at home, but having the good stuff on demand at all times? You can’t beat that.


2.) The Comfort of Hanging at Home

Sure, sometimes you really want to go to a bar, but oftentimes, it’s just something you do because there’s nothing else going on. Have your friends over to your place, show off your new machine, and enjoy draft beer from home. Choose the music, skip the lines, and save some serious cash.

3.) Money Savings

Cash Money Savings

While purchasing a kegerator may seem like a frivolous investment, it’s not. Regardless of what you like to drink, buying beer by the keg – much like buying anything in bulk – is incredibly cost-effective. Depending on how much and how often you drink, you’ll pay for your kegerator in savings within a few years.

4.) It’s The Ultimate Home Bar/Man Cave Enhancement

If you’re lucky enough to have a home bar, man cave, or bar shed, a kegerator is the ultimate enhancement. It’ll take your space from good to great.

5.) Your Beer Stays Fresher Longer

A kegerator keeps your beer cold and fresh, pouring a perfect head for up to three months.


So, again I ask, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Terms & Conditions:

*$50/$75/$100 Gift Card with Purchase of a Kegerator: A gift card code for the amount consistent with the qualifying kegerator purchase will be emailed to the customer within 5 days of ship date. Please allow 3-7 business days for shipment to commence. Prior sales excluded. Offer valid through August 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST at
$50 Gift Card: Danby Draft Beer Kegerator (#DKC5811BSL). $75 Gift Card: Summit Dual Tap Keg Refrigerator – Built In (#SBC490-BI-FRTWIN), UBC KegMaster – 1 Faucet Gefest Tower (#KM-1-5GT1), Summit Dual Tap Keg Refrigerator (#SBC490TWIN), BeverageAir BM23 – No Tower (#BM23-B-28), Summit Single Tap SS (#SBC500SSST), Summit Under Counter Black (#SBC490-BIFR), UBC KegMaster – 1 Standard Tower (#KM-1-5CT1), UBC KegMaster – 2 Standard Tower (#KM-1-5CT2), UBC KegMaster – 2 Faucet Gefest Tower (#KM-1-5GT2). $100 Gift Card: Glastender Single Tap Kegerator (#KC24-NC-BS1R), Draught Guinness Kegerator (#BM23B-GUIN), Homebrew Keg Refrigerator – No Tanks (#BM23BKTXNT), BeverageAir Kegerator – 2 Tap – Black DD50 (#DD50-1-B), BeverageAir Kegerator – 2 Tap – SS DD50 (#DD50-1-S), BeverageAir BM23 – SS w/ Tower (#BM23-S), Glastender Double Tap (#KC60-L1-BS-LR), Glastender Triple Tap (#KC72-L1-BS-LR), SS Outdoor Kegerator (#CARTOSBC), BeverageAir BM23 – Black (#BM23-B), Homebrew Keg Refrigerator – With Tanks (#BM23BKTX), Draft Beer Dispenser / Growler Filling Station – 3 Taps (#BM23GROWLER3), BeverageAir DD50 – No Towers (#DD50-1-B-022), BeverageAir DD58 – No Towers (#DD58-1-B-022), DBD / GFS – 6 Taps (#DD50GROWLER6), DBD / GFS – 8 Taps (#DD58GROWLER8), DBD / GFS – 10 Taps (#DD58GROWLER10)
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Today Is National IPA Day

August 7th, 2014 by Collin Wittman

Ahhh, IPA. India Pale Ale. The darling of the craft beer world. The style that launched a thousand sips and lit aflame the palates of beer nerds everywhere. Today is your day: National IPA Day 2014!

Are you a fan of the bitter brew that puts hops in your step and a puckered smile on your face? Well then you’ve come to the right place. At KegWorks, we’ve got tons of items to help you enjoy an IPA like never before and celebrate IPA Day in style!

1. Spiegelau IPA Glasses – Pack of 2 – Designed with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada

Spiegelau IPA Beer Glasses - pack of 2

One sip and you’ll never go back to a pint glass

2. Handbrewed All Natural Beer Soap – IPA

beer soap

You’ll actually WANT to wash your mouth out with soap…(Pro Tip: Don’t.)

3. Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles

These aren't your grandfather's pickles.

These aren’t your grandfather’s pickles.

4. Stone Brewing Co. Cali-Belgique IPA Dijon Mustard

Sandwiches will never be the same.

Sandwiches will never be the same.

5. Brewcraft Recipe Pack: Dry Hopped West Coast IPA

Love IPAs? Brew something about it.

Love IPAs? Brew something about it.

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