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Keg Taps

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Once you have your kegs and your beer, all you have to get are quality keg taps. Keg taps are the parts used to tap into a keg of beer. In today's world, six different types of beer keg taps are used. Depending upon which beer is your favorite, your will need one of these six keg taps. is proud to be your source for beer keg taps. We offer all six types of keg taps, including:

  • US Sankey Keg Tap, which is by far the most popular keg tap that we sell. Ninety-five percent of the beers that are produced in the United States use these keg taps.

  • German Keg Taps is another of our more popular keg taps. These will fit nearly every beer made in Germany, including Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner and Spaten. However, these keg taps do not fit kegs from St Pauli Girl or Beck's.

  • European Sankey Keg Taps are another of the six different keg taps in the world. These keg taps fit Heineken, Amstel Light, Murphy's Stout, New Castle and more. These keg taps look very similarly to the US Sankey; but actually the stem that goes into the keg is shorter on the US Sankey.

Try One of Our Great Keg Taps

Another great feature offered on keg taps from is that they can be customized to include foam detectors, which helps the beer line stay filled all the time and eliminates beer waste.

Tap into your kegs with beer keg taps from Order yours today.
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